Monday, March 12, 2012

First baby purchase

Sorry to bore you with all-things-baby, but I've got to highlight these moments in our lives so that we don't forget! This weekend J and I went to BuyBuyBaby to buy ourselves a stroller for Peanut. No jogging prams (hello? do I look like I jog?) or bugaboo designer strollers, just something simple and small that would be easy to manage in claustrophobic Trader Joe's aisles and to fold up fast for airplane rides.

After five minutes it was clear which one I'd fallen in love with: the Graco FastAction Fold Travel Stroller. J was on the fence about it for a few minutes, since he thought the bigger strollers had more to offer, but I LOATHE big strollers. All that bulky plastic seems so unnecessary. So we brought the thing home and I took pictures (naturally) while J put it together. It was surreal watching him click the wheels on and inspect the infant seat; I don't know whether it's the hormones or what but I almost cried from all the sentimentality. He's going to be such a great father.


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I think you're so smart to focus on what you really need for the baby and not go crazy buying strollers that you're never going to use! But in any case, I know that I'll start sobbing when my husband starts putting things together for the baby. It's such a big step!

Financial Planning Association said...

It is good to purchase a simple stroller- easy to use; not much fancy. Why? Because kids grow quickly, and soon he would start running here and there. It would be real fun. Your experience with the baby would be amazing.
Have a Great Time!!

CameronPoe2409 said...

Its like ticking off all the baby-planning milestones! It must be such an exciting as well as emotional time. xx PS are you going to have Peanut as the baby's middle name - its so cute!

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