Monday, June 28, 2010

Whatever happens in Cabo...

...will most likely show up on this blog, recounted in painstaking humorous detail, because guess who's flying to Cabo San Lucas in August?


J and I just booked our vacation package yesterday and I'm so excited my head feels like it's going to explode -- poof! -- into a cloud of Pixie Stick dust. (My sugar high is apparently not helping).

I've been all over Mexico countless times (Cancun, Mexico City, La Paz, Guadalajara, et. al.), but in all of my 28 years I have yet to visit Cabo. And so I'll share with you the extent of my knowledge:

What little I know of Cabo can be chalked up to that third episode (aptly titled "Whatever Happens in Cabo") of Laguna Beach Season 1 (yes, I am a huge Laguna Beach fan, The Hills pales in comparison to the splendor of its predecessor, and don't pretend you never obsessively watched Laguna Beach either.) Clearly, watching Stephen yell "Slut!" to a drunk, dancing-on-the-bar-in-a-miniskirt-with-no-underwear Kristen Cavallari in what looked like a Senor Frog's is not all that Cabo has to offer. Neither was the swim-up bar in the resort's pool where the Laguna Beach gringos spent their afternoons.

Originally we were going to book a week in Vegas as a post-Bar/Thank God Law School is Over/belated three-year anniversary trip, but after seeing how cheap beach destinations were, we decided Cabo would be a better way to unwind. A better way to lay like broccoli. The pricetag was unbeatable: $780/person, which includes...well...everything. Seriously. Airfare, six nights in a luxury beach resort, various amenities, and all food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages). Basically we won't have to take out our wallets the entire week we're there. We can just sun, swim and consume, which is exactly what J wants after three years of torts and civil liabilities. (Oh and I had no idea prior to us booking but our resort is the one Mtv sent the Laguna kiddies to in that spring break episode! It's fate, minus the annoying spring break crowds.)

Any fun, specific things I should check out while in Cabo? I know the ocean currents at the tip of Baja can get a little cray cray, and the last thing I want is a picture of me bear-hugging Lola stolen off Facebook by CNN as my name flashes by in the news ticker as "An American Girl Lost at Sea After a Minor Mishap While Banana Boating" banana boating is out. Other activities I should know about?

I am quite the salsa dancer when the right music is blasting, so I know I'll be doing that. And floating up to the pool bar multiple times a day. And shopping (how I love the peso-dollar exchange rate). And reading in a hammock on the playa. Lover's Beach also looks fantastic, so I'll probably be taking a boat ride to check it out:

All of J's classmates have flashy, expensive post-Bar trips planned after July. Some are going to Europe for a month, or taking a few weeks on a Mediterranean cruise, or going to Costa Rica till they have to start work in October. While I would have loved a month in Italy, right now a week in Cabo will more than suffice.


rachaelgking said...

Ahhh, the jealousies, I have them!!!! Have a blast!

Chelsea said...

OMG! I am so excited for you. Now, I haven't been to Cabo since I was in 5th grade (circa 1996) but I loved every moment of when I was there. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Anonymous said...

You have GOT to email me (after the fact, if you'd like) where you are staying!! Cabo and/or Cancun is on our list of things to do before we have kids. We've always got our eyes on the travel sites, but haven't been able to bring ourselves to buy yet.

We're planning three weeks in Europe after the bar. But being two years away, is still in the pie-in-the-sky, how will we pay for this? stage. But there's no way we're not going. Mark my words. I hate, hate, HATE credit card debt, but I'd do it for Europe. I just don't see us ever having the chance to do it again once DH starts working full-time, and we already postponed once after college graduation to get married and honeymoon instead.

paisley penguin said...

Wow I have not been to Cabo in about 15 years. I may be going in September. Swim up bar - yeah did a lot of that last time. There is a great restaurant in the cliffs about three miles outside of Cabo. Squid Row is great and don't forget Cabo Wabo. If you are looking for relaxation sun and cosumables of the alcoholica variety then Cabo is the place for you!


SurferWife said...


I love Cabo. I have been quite a few times and I heart it to death.

Make sure to hit Cabo Wabo.

Patience said...

You will love Cabo. It is beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

SO gorgeous! Can I go ahead and plan my husband's law school graduation trip (even though he won't actually start school until August!)? Hope that you have a wonderful, wonderful time! :)

Island Gal said...

Enjoy it for all of us!! LOL

Btw I have been nominated for "Best Eye Candy" on the 2010 Blogluxe Awards! Would you be kind enough to vote for me (NYC Island Gal)?

Anonymous said...

Well J and you certainly deserve it. After following you for only a few months, you two certainly lead quite a stressful life and need the break. Enjoy every sun-basking moment (like broccoli)! :)

PS I'm hoping to take a vacation to Punta Cana with my boyfriend in November. We both need a vacation. I haven't been on a proper one in YEARS. I dont count Vegas.

The Depressed Yogi said...

One word: JEALOUS

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