Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back when life was simple to-do lists resembled these:

(images via HuffPo)

Now they include:
  • Find reasonably priced apartment in an unreasonably priced Bay Area neighborhood.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Cancel private health insurance. (This alone is a tedious task: For the reams of bureaucracy involved, no one's ever accused BlueCross of being efficient of all things. During my last year of coverage I couldn't even pay my monthly bill online; according to them it had to be done by check -- remember checks? -- through the mail. Welcome to the 21st century.)
  • Pay bills.
  • Get new tires for car (because all I really want to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon is spend time inhaling rubber vapors in Costco and Big-O Tires, looking for the best deal)
  • Save some semblance of a down-payment for the start of my real estate empire my first house.
  • Figure out how I'm going to conceivably own a Porsche 911 before my 35th birthday.
  • Give Lola a haircut (which takes longer than one would think since her haircuts are somewhat akin to shearing a sheep.)
  • Work.
Not as fun as eating ice pops, folding "close", and staring at this alleged Isaac fellow, but it could be much worse. I hope I never have to add "attend three rounds of chemo", "file for divorce", or "ask everyone I know for money because I'm broke" to my to-do list. Though my current list of priorities has changed drastically from the one I wrote at age 5 (the one that included "eat my tube of cherry chapstick") I'm happy with where I'm at. Some things are meant to change with age. This includes ingesting lip balm.


SurferWife said...

I love Look at Dinosaur!

I am immediately adding that to my to do list.

dors said...

that's it, that's all i'm doing tomorrow, eat icepops and play!

Mandy said...

I added ingesting a pint of ice cream to my to-do list today! It was very much needed after a morning disaster I experienced.

I agree - to-do lists are great but sure do change over time. I suppose the key is to be flexible with them and know that they can change (like you) at a moment's notice. But as long as we keep making them and are able to cross some things off the list, then we're doing what we should be doing.

Ah, the list of life! :-) I think I will also add "Have an extra glass of wine" to mine tonight too. Ya know, so I can feel very accomplished today!

paisley penguin said...

Love the list from when you were five! C bought a 944 for a reasonable amount. Get out there and look and if you need any Porche advice I'm certain my husband will lend an ear. :)

Jackie said...

Aw I love the lists from when you were a kid :)

Andi said...

Oh how I wish I could eat ice pops and play tomorrow!! :)

Anonymous said...

A Porsche? Really? Interesting choice!

I had a Mickey Mouse chapstick that was either banana or coconut flavored and I LOVED eating it! My mom had to put it up high and apply it herself so I wouldn't run off and eat it!

But then I ate a lot of things I shouldn't have. Like the time my mom was unloading the car from visiting my grandparents' and I ate a whole thing of children's grape chewable tylenol and had to go to the emergency room. I was such a cute kid!! (haha not!)

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