Thursday, April 22, 2010

Overheard last night

Paul and Julia Child, one of my favorite couples.

9:45 pm. Our studio. I sit on the couch, feet up on coffee table, laptop balanced in front of me as I edit Chapter 7 of the book. J sits across from me on a pillow he's using as extra padding on the worthless Target chair we bought the year we married. Two or three thick textbooks are cracked open on the table in front of him as he outlines for his last semester of finals on his laptop. I've attempted to catch his attention multiple times tonight. . . dancing seductively near him with finger cymbals, pretending like there's a fire in the kitchen, even lying across his books like a petulant housecat. But to no avail. There's always some other legal pad or some other book that his overzealous eyes can devour in their quest for straight A's. Sigh
. TV flickers silently in background as I wait for the season finale of Project Runway to start in 15 minutes. . . but I can always watch it later online. Tonight I want to run amok and howl at the moon.

Me: "Why don't we go paint the town red tonight?"

J (without looking up from books): "Because we can't afford paint."

Silence for a few moments, then we lock eyes and laugh out loud.

"I'm working on it, my Love. I'm working on it," he says, tapping the edge of the book with his pen.

"As am I," I say.

Studying slash editing resumes on both sides of the coffee table.

Teamwork, humor, patience. Julia and Paul had it. Apparently so do we.

(Ed. Update: Just got mentioned again on MediaBistro! Thank you J, for your witty responses to everything I ask you.)


Mandy said...

Aaaah, Paul and Julia Child. Their romance, humor and ongoing Christmas cards to friends was one of my favorite things about the "Julie/Julia" film. What a rare, spectactular duo indeed! Just like you and J. When you paint the town red, be sure you throw in some black stripes just for fun too! :)

Jesse Aizenstat said...

Sweet Jesus, I know this music. It's a not-so-deviant rhythm of the American youth, working like methadrine hatters to make it work in an economy that's simply a bummer. So, laughing is good... humor is great.

But what stirs me is a different story. Nothing is more reckless and irresponsible than charging down the night highway, like Genghis Khan on an iron horse, in my 91 Ford Bronco (the OJ getway car). As the needle leans down on 100, my unemployed ills are mended by the brisk night air, exploding through the cracked window of this American stallion and into my face. Good god what a feeling... so I jam that button on my old Ipod that has been trained to this:

Not that I recommend this type of liberation werewolfness to any of the unemployed, but it's worked for me.

Hang in.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aw, that's so cute! My husband and I aren't that funny.. but we try!

COL said...

Very sweet! :)

Andi said...

Love Paul and Julia. :)

Maritza said...

LOL I love it!! You will have your red paint... and all other colors in time! =)

paisley penguin said...

I heart you guys!

dors said...

you know you are doing well when you are quoted on another website. congrats!
and figgy says thanks for the compliment. though he has no idea his name is figgy. or is just too blase to answer to it.

Anonymous said...

oh how familiar this sounds!

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