Sunday, April 18, 2010

A bold fresh piece of humanity

Well, we made it this far. Today yours truly is 28 years young.

I never thought I'd actually be 28, as it sounded so old and mature back when I was spry, but I have to say I don't feel that much different. Not older. Not wiser (even a genius like me has limits). Definitely not more mature. When people ask "How old are you" I still blurt out, "24..." followed with a quick "Oops, er, I mean, 28." Guess this automatic response means I'll always be 24 at heart?

Anyway, I've resolved to make 28 the best year of my life. How so, you ask? I have no clue. But I will.

I'll try more things I've never done; say "yes" more than "no"; dance more; sing more; send out more of my short stories, keep chugging away at novel after novel; listen to music louder; learn to cook as well as Tony Bourdain; possibly even meet? Bourdain (I would die, that would be ah-mazing); pay homage to my youth by getting into the best physical shape of my life and finally take those professional pin-up pics I've been wanting forever; invest in an apartment complex (or five) as part of my retirement plan; force persuade J to learn the dance at the end of Dirty Dancing with me; be completely fluent in Farsi; listen to more Journey (if that's even humanely possible); be Gilda:

I want to live. Really live. I've done an excellent job of living to this point, but now I want to ramp it up a notch. I'm 28, after all. I want to go to the big annual New Orleans Jazz Festival; I want to bicycle down the length of California (and then possibly tackle bicycling cross country); I want to eat what's been called "the best sushi on the planet" at the hole-in-the-wall sushi joint Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo; I want to get seriously involved in making puppy mills illegal (I hope it helps that after this summer I'll be married to a law student lawyer); I want to go salsa dancing on a regular basis; I want to join a book club; I want to dance in a fountain and publicly blame it on the wine (only J and I would know that all I had to drink was water); I want to see a tornado in the flesh; I want to be an expat for at least a year of my life; I want to live near my brother and sister so I can stop by at a moment's notice and vice versa; I want to break bad in some way or another.

I want to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara and pretend to know what I'm talking about as I swish Zin across my palette; I want to get my books published and see my name on the spine of a copy (or three) at a bookstore; I want to go camping cross-country; I want to laugh so hard I puke (J beat me to this one); I want to read everything F. Scott Fitzgerald's ever written; I want to try going blonde for a spell just to see what I'd look like; I want to rent a sparse flat in Florence and write near an open window with a view of the Ponte Vecchio; I want to sit down with my two grandmothers (who are 98 and 85, respectively) and let them each recount their life stories into my voice-recorder, then I want to do the same with my parents; I want to drive a black Porsche 911 Carrera and feel the leather steering wheel gripped in my hands (even if it's just for a test-drive down a few miles of 101 on a slow Saturday afternoon. Hey, the sales guy doesn't need to know I'm not actually serious about buying).

Foolish? We'll see. I can't possibly accomplish all of these things and more in a year, but I can start by accomplishing some. The point is I've laid down the gauntlet. This will be the year that's going to kick me into a higher gear. Life is short; I want to experience as much as I can.

Theme song to kick-start 28: "Foolish Heart" by Journey Steve Perry, on loud.


dors said...

awww... love gilda.
happy birthday!! may you soon change the name of your blog to "brunette in st. tropez, wearing diamonds and silk black gloves, sipping grand cru champagne"
life is long, you will get there :)

Carrie On The Cheap said...

BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Crystal! And can I just say that it has now become my life mission to convince my BF to learn the final dance in Dirty Dancing with me. And if that doesn't work, I'm sure one of my BFFs will be able to step up and act out the part of Johnny for me. ;)

I hope you have a great birthday. :)

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday, lady! I love your list and have no doubt that you will accomplish all of your dreams. One thing I started doing with my life lists was changing "I want..." to "I will...". That way, I have set my intention and know that someday I WILL make them happen. Hope you're having a fabulous day full of tons of celebrating.

Chloe (Naturally Frugal) said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love your list, it's so carefree and fun and thoughtful. I hope you get to do everything your set your mind on! And here's to being 28, but still acting like you're 24. :)

Andi said...

Happy Birthday, girl!

I loved your post and smiled at some of the things I have done and loved to see them on your list!
(go blonde just to see what it's like, pin-up photo shoot) I also loved everything else too - I like the way you think!

Here's to another adventurous year of living life the way it's meant to be, with furious passion!


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh I love it! You've got to just put it down on paper and then start doing it. :) Happy Birthday and I can't wait to hear all these stories!

Amanda said...

I love love LOVE this post. It is just a reminder that life is beautiful and there are so many ways to truly LIVE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

COL said...

Awesome! (And Happy Birthday!)

I have no doubts that you'll do many of the things you listed!

Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

You are quite the ambitious 28-year-old! The entire coast of California? Tokyo? Please blog the entire way :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Believe it or not, but you have already taken so many risks! Way to follow your heart!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your book at the bookstore either :)

Amie Boudreau said...

ok you've succeeded in making me feel old.. happy birthday :) lol

At forty I still feel like I want to live so much more. I have gotten here and went.. "wow, I thought I'd have done more." but I have done alot.. and YES go to New Orleans for Jazz Fest.

I lived there before Katrina and it's something to experience for sure!

myprettypennies said...

Happy (late) birthday!!

myprettypennies said...

Haha oops I accidentally sent my comment without finishing it. Looove the post and the list and the song... and happy late birthday!!!

Mandy said...

Love the list and the attitude Crystal! You're right - you can definitely accomplish some of those things and work on the rest later! You'll be amazed at what you can do. Hell, when I look at my last six months and what I've achieved, I'm pretty damn full of myself and what I've done. I need to go dance around in a fountain here. I even know of a place! Care to join me as I know the end of that "Dirty Dancing" theme routine, so we can cross two off your list. Hahah! ;)

Crystal said...

Thank you everyone for all your fabulous birthday wishes!

And Mandy, I might have to take you up on your offer to dance the final Dirty Dancing dance in the fountain down near you. ;D

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