Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Endless Summer Winter

To celebrate my brother's 24th birthday on Sunday (same day as my dad's), J took Alexander out to catch a few waves, brah. Of course I volunteered to be photographer for the morning so I tried to chronicle it as Point Break as I could:

Artsy shot (above) I snapped while J and Alex were still out in the water.

Artsy shot (above) I forced J to pose in.

In other news:

My dad took us up to UC Santa Cruz to check out a spectrometer he's building for the Lick Observatory. We had to get suited up before stepping into the sanitized engineering lab and hilarity ensued:

Learning how sausage is made, or dressing up as double helixes for a Halloween party?

My sister's puppy is getting on my last nerve. No, I do not think it's cute when you chew on the leg of my sweat pants, Moxie (if that's even your real name. I'm starting to think it's actually more along the lines of "Diablo," "Lucifer," or something like that. J's convinced your real name must be "poop machine.")

I finally saw The Road. And it sucked. It wasn't a terrible movie, and I didn't hate it, but the book is just better. No failure on Viggo Mortenson's part, I love him as an actor and the guy can definitely pull off looking hot in a beard (Lord of the Rings, anyone?), but The Road is one of those books that doesn't adapt perfectly to screen, and so I think the blame lies on the screenwriters who fell short of making it their own.


The Secret Asian Man said...

Problem with The Road as a movie is in the book it's a lot of internal dialogue and when you really break it down, there's a whole lot of nothing going on except walking and walking and brooding and brooding. That by itself made it nigh unfilmable as a movie in my opinion.


Mandy said...

I laughed all over the place at this post and these photos! And is it totally weird that I'm strangely attracted to all of you dressed up in your lab suits, LOL! Sorry for your sis's crazy dog.

Is J job hunting while there? He should go to an interview in that lab suit, then have his wet suit underneath, ;-)

Alright, joking aside - Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy this time with family!

Jenny said...

Great surf shots! Are these taken on the beaches of California?! That's too bad about The Road. I haven't read the book, but a friend told me about the basic plot.

Chelsea said...

Nice photog skills Crystal! Looks like you’re having a blast down in California. Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

Your posts are so entertaining, I love the way your write! It looks/sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday with your family (poopy puppy and all!)

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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