Friday, November 13, 2009

Nanowrimo Update: Week 2


My clip this week for Nanowrimo has slowed a bit compared with Week 1, but I'm still ahead of schedule by about 9,600 words.

What I learned in Week 2:
  • If you're going to write at a coffee shop, make sure said coffee shop does not play ear-piercing, annoying music that miraculously even masks (gasp) the continual grind of coffee beans behind the barista counter. If I wanted to experiment writing at the clurb I would have just lugged my laptop to the nearest Coco Bongo and ordered a red bull vodka, thankyouverymuch. If you're like me and cannot tune out The Noise easily, perhaps it's best to remain hunched Gollum-like over your solitary desk at home, sporadically talking to yourself to fill the silence.
  • That being said, red bull vodka coffee is still your friend.
  • No matter how appealing those Golden Girls reruns sound, no matter how tired/bored/uninspired/drunk/arthritic you are -- keep writing! Was Rome built in a day? No. Was it built in 30? Quite possibly, and procrastination was definitely not one of the building blocks. I'm continuously amazed this month at how much I'm capable of writing daily, even on the off days where I feel like pulling my hair out, hurtling my laptop across the room in frustration, or just "taking a break" for an entire weekend watching old movies on TCM. Taking breaks (within reason, i.e., an hour or two) is permissible; giving up is not. Understanding this will set you free.
  • Aside from accomplishing stellar daily word counts, also amazing is how much time you actually have during the day once your writing is finished. Procrastination, as accommodating as it feels in the moment, does nothing in the long term. The sooner I finish my self-imposed daily word count, the sooner I can click my laptop closed and go enjoy a glass of red wine with J, stress-free. No word count hanging over my head.
Word count breakdown by day:

Nov. 6 (Friday): 2,533
Nov. 7 (Saturday): 1,994
Nov. 8 (Sunday): 2,648
Nov. 9 (Monday): 3,122
Nov. 10 (Tuesday): 2,205
Nov. 11 (Wednesday): 2,993
Nov. 12 (Thursday): 3,219
Nov. 13 (Friday): Currently in progress


Kim said...

Sounds like great advice...keep it coming!

Jennifer said...

As much as I love Twilight, the poster made me laugh. The series is really one step above a trashy romance novel.
Good luck with the writing.
Do not allow Rose, Blanche and Dorothy to suck you in. :)

Jenny said...

So true about the coffee shops! It's nearly impossible to even make conversation. Keep up the're almost there :)

gamgee said...

i'm glad i found you here. " hunched gollum-like over your desk" sounds a lot like me, and the ear piercing noise is also something i can't tune out. i'm not sure why people think they can play stuff like that at coffee shops or bookstores, but they do. the worst was a borders i used to frequent that blasted the Grey Gardens soundtrack over and over.... not that i have anything against musicals because usually i like 'em, but for some reason this one just needed to be tossed forever and never listened to again.

The Depressed Yogi said...

LOL. you are hilarious!

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