Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your weekly cup of Zoe

Rachel & Co. in Paris. I should be in this picture. Sigh.

"Look. Black and White. Coco. Chanel. Everywhere. Ugh. Dying."
- Rachel, passing the Chanel store with Brad

"... And those diamante leggings? I hope they're a trend everywhere."
- Brad, during the Ungaro show

"I think I'm going to pass out. I have on Coco Chanel's glasses."
- Rachel wearing Chanel's original glasses as she stares at Brad

"I am obsessed with the Beatles. I did my senior thesis on John Lennon. And I. Literally. Die. for Paul McCartney." - Rachel seeing Paul at the Stella McCartney show

"And all of a sudden," she says at Stella's show, "out comes electric silver dresses and like nubby purple mohair jackets and chunky knits that I just want to put on my body. Right now."

"This is beyond. This is OOC. Out. Of. Control." - Rachel admiring an 800 euro vintage Dior leather trench coat on Brad

"Rachel gets a little aggressive when it comes down to your purchases. She's like a vintage designer couture pusher. Buy it Brad. Get it. (in high pitch voice: 'Cause then I can distract Roger when I buy my coat!')" - Brad, in response

“How about I give you a raise?” - Rachel asks Brad, so he can buy said Dior trench coat and absolve her of shopper's guilt

"Backstage at Galliano is like a cattle herd. Literally, I feel like a cow about to moo." - Rachel

“I would eat this shoe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” - Rachel drooling over 12-inch platforms backstage at Galliano

"Platforms are here to stay. Get yourself some stilts, girls." - Brad to the general public


Stephanie said...

This episode was really fun to watch!

paisley penguin said...

I want a raise for couture garments - oh yeah, wherever would I wear them! :)

Emily said...


Sarah Wylie said...

I need to start watching this show. I feel like I'm missing out on a big cultural movement. Like Top Model.

Cougar Tales said...

Looks like some fun fall wardrobe inspiration!
- Cougs

Nicole said...

These quotes are so funny. I might have to start watching the show. Also, I tagged you for an award on my blog.

Unknown said...

Oh, I.die! :) Love her....I just purchased a ring from her new line on QVC...Not big fan of QVC, but I had tune in on Saturday just for her!

Ivonne said...

I LOVED this episode. My favorite part was seriously Rachel making Brad get the coat. And watching all the runway shows.

Anonymous said...

Brad's comment takes the cake!!!

Penny said...

I don't know...those diamante tights Brad was talking about made me

The Depressed Yogi said...

SO eiffel tired!

I die for you, Crystal, i mean, Tay Tay!!

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