Thursday, October 8, 2009

Living Like an Artist, Part 1

Today I stumbled out of bed, practiced some favorite dance moves in my pjs to get the ol' blood flowing, then plodded over to my beloved coffee maker. Typical weekday morning for me. Except this time when I reached in my cupboard I realized I was out of coffee filters ... then I realized we're on this "budget" thing and we swore we wouldn't go to the grocery store for another week ... Damn. It. No coffee is never an option. Especially on a Thursday morning.

I had to get creative. Toilet paper filter? No, not robust enough -- coffee would end up with squishy lumps of butt-wipe throughout. Pass. Paper towel? Ding ding!

Coffee? Check!

I know I'm not the first to discover this gem, but I was quite proud of myself. "So this is what you get when you're living on a budget," I thought, smugly sipping my piping hot beverage. "Linty coffee. I kind of dig it ..."

Suddenly Elvis' "In the Ghetto" began to fade in. Startled I looked around, but the radio and turntable were off. The music got louder, echoing like some symphonic harmony in an unrecognizable dream. Moneypenny, Lola ... they watched me with baited breath, either because of the music or the fact that I was standing next to a tub of Trader Joe's ginger snaps, I don't know. Confused I leaned in closer to the coffeemaker. Ah, there it was. That's where it was coming from -- my soiled and stained paper towel filter.

(Ed. Note Update: J said "enough with this nonsense, we're not poor" and bought me a mesh coffee filter. No more linty goodness for me -- and just when I was getting used to it.)


Anonymous said...

hilarious. I'm glad you were able to upgrade to the gold cone filter... I'm a french press kind of girl, I don't think I'd ever be able to remember to keep coffee filters in stock.

Your hair looks excellent for life in the "office"! I'm impressed!

Penny said...

Hysterical...not that you're on a budget though. My brother and I always used to sing that would cause a sad sort of laughter with the two of us; especially since we actually lived in the ghetto...lmaol

Chloe (Naturally Frugal) said...

Love it! I use a french press when I'm not being lazy. It's awesome because there are no filters required, plus I feel so chic.

Here's to the life of an artist on a budget!

me in millions said...

You're so resourceful! I like the thumbs up pic :)

Jenny said...

So funny (and creative)! Anything for coffee!!!

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to hear that you got a filter!! :)

Tania Asnes said...

Hi. I'm a new reader... mesh coffee filters save money and cut down on waste. I've had one for a year and I never have to worry. Just rinse it daily and wash it with soap every few days to keep it fresh. Great purchase!

paisley penguin said...

HeHe - we don't have a coffee maker at home. We only have an espresso maker and a french press (pauses to stick nose in air). Anyway, I have been on a Starbucks hiatus since October 1. I am only allowed to go on Sunday after my morning walk with a friend. This is day 7 of no Starbucks and I was actually contemplating "work brewed coffee". Yes, I am a coffee snob. The hubs is considering buying me my own French press for work.

congrats on making do and love the hubs for picking you up a filter that you really needed! :)

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