Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your weekly cup of Zoe

I'm elated to see that I'm not the only one who (shamefully?) hearts the hilarity that is Rachel Zoe. Her assistants Brad and Taylor, her penchant for boho muumuus, her interaction with husband Rodger, who's been called "Rod Blagojevich in a Zac Efron wig". Yes, these are all comedic in their own right. But the true entertainment value of her show shines through with her random and oft-clueless quotes on profound topics like life, work, Ashton and Demi, and fashion. (Two episodes ago she mentioned that she "loves herself a sequin." See? Sequins are doable.) As one reader put it, "she's a hot mess, but that's why we all love her."

Anyway, her musings are too hysterical and/or poignant to let fade away into the cable television abyss, so I'll be compiling the best here for a weekly cup of Zoe. Email me if you've got any gems to share and I'll include them.

The new must-have Fall accessory: a Brad.

"Nothing makes a woman feel better than a whole slew of gay men cheering you on, striking poses and just making you feel good about yourself and making you laugh when you're feeling insecure."
- Rachel Zoe


FB @ said...

I love me some bananas Rachel Zoe.. :)

She is so vulnerable yet amazing on the show

I do have an itch to go there and help her re-organize her day.. it just seems like they're so inefficient and I want to fix it. FIX IT BADLY

Unknown said...

I.LOVE.HER! She is hysterical with chaos...It makes me crazy for her!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Augh I seriously cannot get enough of her!!! Like I can't wait for tonight b/c, hello, new episode! Die.

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