Monday, April 20, 2009

Gucci for less

If you love Gucci but can't afford the haute looks, maybe this re-creation will satisfy your designer appetite, compliments of DesertRose:

Loves it! Not sure if the dress is still available, but horizontal stripes are big this season -- in fact, I saw a dress very similar to this one recently at H&M for about $35. The yellow jacket, pumps and belt round out this outfit nicely at about $50 total, which isn't bad for accessories that can be paired with many other ensembles!


Anne Marie said...

Lovin the stripe things this year- horizontal?
might be like a zebra - heck - you put that on anyone over a size 2 and you would look like a zebra!
a chic zebra.

Stephanie said...

Nice recreation of the original.

I'm glad you liked Priceless! I thought you might.

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