Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eat for free at work

One of seven tips on how to eat for free at work, from Top Cultured:

Tip #2: Screw expiration dates on frozen foods.
It’s inevitable. People get busy. A flustered sales guy will misplace a Lean Cuisine Salisbury Steak dinner under an ice cube tray. The crunchy stoner from the mail room will leave a Kashi stir-fry dish in the company freezer and forget about it. That’s when the waiting game begins. I try to make the rounds every other day or so checking to see what frozen stock is about to hit the magic date - much the way a Napa Valley winemaker checks his oak barrels, waiting for them to mature. The day after something expires, I pounce. And don’t worry about getting sick; the date says
BEST if used by April 10, 2007. It’s not a warning. It’s a suggestion.

Hilarious. Click over to read all seven.

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