Friday, March 13, 2009

You say "cheap shoes," I say lead the way

When I heard Christian Siriano was going to be designing a line for Payless (to debut in September), it gave me reason for pause. On the one hand, it's not like Christian Siriano is Roberto Cavalli or anything, so if anyone is going to design a Payless ShoeSource line, why not him of fierceness fame? On the other hand, though, when has Payless ever been synonymous with anything hip? In college I would peruse the aisles if I came across an errant location, and once in a while I would find tres chic shoes that garnered many compliments but that I would lie about through my teeth. "These?" I'd ask, posing with one ankle cocked inward as if I DIDN'T know they were totally hot. "I, um....can't remember where I bought them..."

Well you know what? I'm ok with my past Payless purchases now and I will lie about it no more. Maybe it's the fact that I have such a limited shopping budget currently (and college is a distant memory), maybe it's the hideous economy, or maybe it's because owning luxury goods these days is so gauche. Whatever the case, I pledge to trek guilt-free to Payless the next time I go shopping. If Target can be hip with their diffusion lines, than why can't Payless, with its Christian Siriano, Abaete, Alice + Olivia, and Lela Rose diffusion lines? Let's break the stigma here, people.

And with that, here are some super cute shoes that Payless currently has to offer:

Not bad, my friends. Not bad. (Especially that last Lela Rose pair.)

And if you're curious as to how Christian's line looks, here's a peek:


Deborah Johnson said...

I used to do the same thing when I bought shoes at Payless: pull the old "I can't remember where I bought these" routine.

But as I've gotten older, I don't care anymore. And like you said, the cuteness of the shoes doesn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, I'll bet if you stood those Christian Siriano shoes on their own, with no one in them, they'd tip over!

FB @ said...

I WOULD wear Payless shoes. I am not a shoe snob, but they HURT :(

The heels hurt hurt hurt my toes and I'd rather not bother with heels, unless they're super comfy, like from Nine West in Suede for $50 on sale.

*still thinking about them*

As for the Christian shoes, I'd buy a pair in a heartbeat if I could even pretend to walk in them.

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