Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Recessionistas" need not wear jellies

Sigh. Just when I thought the Today Show "fashion on a budget" clip with Bobbie Thomas wasn't bad enough, we now have another video clip from Mtv's new House of Style, hosted by my former sophomore year high school crush's (Leonardo DiCaprio's) current girlfriend, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother setting your DVR, as it was so much cooler in the '90s. But I digress.

In this clip, aside from learning that one of the "must haves" this spring are $175 high-heeled jellies (yes, jellies), there's a segment where model Jessica Stam takes you shopping in her closet to teach every recessionista how to get the most out of what you already have. Sounds good in theory, except Jessica's closet is a little different than the average girl's. Her pointers? Set up a bag swap, where you and your friends can trade $1,500 handbags (like the Marc Jacobs one she is holding) betwixt one another. Fun!

Other tips include:
  • She "loves" white t-shirts, and suggests pairing them with black skirts. Groundbreaking.
  • "Hitting up" your brother and/or dad's closets for baggy flannel shirts you could wear as jackets in the summer. (The last time I wore flannel was when I pined after Jordan Catalano, endlessly listened to Nirvana and thought it would be so cool to move to Seattle and learn the intricacies of brewing good coffee. This was junior high, 1994, people. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the flannel comeback, and there's really no reason to wear your father's and brother's clothing.)
  • Cut your jeans into shorts (i.e., cut-offs). Revolutionary (and tacky).
I'm still waiting for a really good segment on dressing well on a budget. So far I've been disappointed with what I've seen. Kind of the same feeling Angela Chase had when she found out Jordan cheated on her with Rayanne Graph. Okay, maybe not that disappointed, but you get the point.

To see the House of Style clip, visit Jezebel.


Rae said...

Honestly I've found the most amazing deals at discount stores like Loehmann's, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls to be the best bet. I did score a brand new Club Monaco dress at goodwill for under $13. These tips on morning shows lately are getting more and more ridiculous. If you have some money to spend, take advantage of the sales. Retail stores are desperate right now.

What does a high-heeled jelly look like?!

I think my mom stole all my old flannels from the 90's maybe I should hit her up! lol I know the look has come back, but more so in the way that is modern and cut for a woman's body. Ick, a men's would look awful.

The episode with Buffalo Tom's "Late at Night" where Jordan grabs Angela's hand and walks down the hallway with her in front of the entire school still makes me cry. I think I'm going to go listen to some NIN now...

paisley penguin said...

Ha! Cutting jeans in to shorts a la Dirty Dancing!

Crystal said...

Cents in the City: You don't want to know what a high-heeled jelly looks like, lol. YES!! I LOVE that episode of My So-Called Life. I have the boxed collector's set and always cry in that episode.

Paisley: Nobody puts baby in the corner. ;)

Revanche said...

Oh NO, I was just lamenting the fact that my friends let me leave the house wearing flannel long after it was soooo not ok anymore. And now she's trying to bring them back?

Please say nay!

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