Friday, March 20, 2009

Recession not an excuse to go crazy with glue gun

I'm a devout believer that being fashionable is something anyone can do on any budget. While I drool over Burberry trench coats and the current object of my obsession, the Chloe Kerala bag, I also kneel at the altar of Target and have been known to "make it work" at Forever 21.

But there is a difference between being practical and being a zipper- and double-stick-tape-wielding crazy person, fresh off the Home Ec. boat. Behold yesterday's Today Show segment about "DIY solutions" to looking fashionable on a budget this spring, spearheaded by one Bobbie Thomas, an alleged "style editor":

I think this delectable morsel of a clip can teach all of us on a budget a few lessons about looking fashionable and not foolish:


  • Shop online before you hit stores to find the best deals on that cute A-line skirt or little black dress you've had your eye on. Doing your homework before you leave the house will save you time, and inevitably, money. You can take solace in knowing you really did find the best deal possible on your chic new heels, because Google told you so, after all.
  • Play up the season's trends through accessories (such as scarves, necklaces, chunky rings and/or a new clutch), and not pricey, trendy pieces that will look so last season in about, oh, 3 months. Please, just put down the leather fringe. This isn't "Can't Buy Me Love" and no one looks good in a fringe-trimmed jacket, no matter how much you love young Patrick Dempsey.
  • Take the time to browse the sales racks, but if you really want to invest money in your wardrobe, always spend more on your classic items, such as a khaki trench coat, slacks, pencil skirt, et. al. These are timeless staples in your wardrobe that will stand as the foundation to all your cheaper, "throw away" clothing.


  • Throw zippers all over your clothing and call it art. You are not Andy Warhol, nor are you Philip Lam. And no one wants to be the one to have to tell you that your exposed zipper fell off, um, about a block ago.
  • Hot glue leather fringe on anything, Pocahontas. This includes purses, shoes, or frumpy black cardigans.
  • Roll up one of your dress sleeves and think someone will believe your dress is Missoni and not Marshall's. A kind friend will probably begin tugging at your sleeve, much like they would help you if your tag was unwittingly sticking out.
  • Listen to Bobbie Thomas.


Anonymous said...

OMG - I saw ridiculous do these people look?!!

I'm all for DIY but there are limits, and by that I mean, no fringe on your cardi...ick!

Rae said...

I think you have to be VERY careful when it comes to DIY and clothing. While most of these tips seem a bit crazy and have great potential to look cheap, I do agree with going to a professional or at least someone who knows how to use a sewing machine. I once bleached the bottom of my favorite pair of BCBG pants while cleaning up a leak in my bathroom. I took them to my dry cleaner along with a pair of capris I loved. I had them match the length and for about $12 I had saved my pants!

Saving Cents in the City: said... I was kind of disturbed by the double stick tape. Besides looking cheap and weird, it just seems like a bad idea. I'm sure that those "edgy" zippers fell off a few minutes later. Also, the fringe literally made me cringe. It brings back terrible fashion memories, but also I just hate the idea of someone going crazy and buying yards and yards of fringe to glue on everything.

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