Monday, March 23, 2009

One list you don't want to be on

When I arrived in Vegas last week for a 4-day romp of pina coladas, dancing and pathetic gambling attempts at the nearest slot machine, the one thing I didn't think was "Man, Vegas feels...empty." Maybe it was because I didn't stray far from the strip, or maybe I was too preoccupied with all the divine shopping and food (dinner at Tao = fabulous!!). Regardless, at the end of the day I was yet a lowly tourist, passing through to enjoy the best of what the city had to offer on one street. If you take into account what's going on outside of the Luxors and Bellagios, though, the state of things isn't so rosy and pina colada-tinged.

According to Forbes, which released a list of the 15 emptiest cities, ones central to sagging industries are suffering the most. This is obvious, especially with cities like Detroit, where automakers (and all the other industrial companies that depend on them) are struggling to stay above water. But cities like Miami and Chicago also made the list, which surprised me. Number 2 on the list? Yup, that'd be Las Vegas, which I assume depends heavily on tourism and company conferences and events to bolster the local economy.

Being "on the list" is something all of us usually strive for (oh how very VIP sounding it is), but this is one list I wouldn't want to be on, as the likelihood of finding employment is bleaker. I'm curious: Are you on the list?:

Detroit, MI
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Greensboro, NC
Dayton, OH
Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale, AZ
Orlando, FL
Kansas City, MO/Kansas City, KS
Indianapolis, IN/Jacksonville, FL
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Beach, FL
Chicago/Naperville/Joliet, IL
Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL
Bakersfield, CA
Charlotte/Gastonia/Concord, NC/Cincinnati, OH/Middletown, KY

If so, how has it affected community morale?


Stephanie said...

For once, Louisiana is not on a bad list. I'm feeling pretty good. :)

paisley penguin said...

Yikes! I used to live just out side of Charlotte (Pineville).

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