Thursday, March 26, 2009

Must Have: TopShop Heels

Confession: I cried a few days ago. No, it was nothing marital-related (Love and I are doing fabulously, by the by), and I wasn’t hit with any horrible health-related news from family or friends, thank God.

Instead I was sitting front and center (okay, so it was the nose-bleed section, but it was still center) at Britney’s "Circus" concert, cheering with 50,000 other screaming fans. I've always been a Britney fan, the height of which was during my college years at UC Santa Barbara. As I've matured and she subsequently regressed, I felt I still had to stick with her. I was a fan, after all, and I don't think people give enough weight anymore to what being a true fan is. Would you give up on, say, your best friend just because she shaved her head, started dating a tres trashy man and began attacking people with umbrellas? Exactly. So it was when she began performing what originally kicked off her tumultuous foray into fame, “Oops, I Did It Again,” that I could no longer contain myself.

“I LOOOOVE YOU BRITNEYYY!!!!” I shrieked at the top of my lungs. So overwhelmed with emotion and nostalgia of the "better times", I began to cry as I replayed a montage of her turbulent career inside my head. Love, who I had dragged to the concert as my date (lucky, lucky man), sat in his seat looking up at me with amused and shocked disbelief. Of course, I didn't blame him for not understanding being so moved by something so seemingly trite and shallow that you begin shedding tears. He is a straight man, after all.

But similar emotions began ebbing to the surface again today when I caught sight of one of the most fabulous pairs of shoes I’ve seen in a while and had to choke back tears of want:
One word: Ruffles. Okay, four words: Ruffles, zippers, high heels. I’ve fallen in love with the way the soft femininity of the ruffled leather tones down the gritty masculinity of the zippered piping. Must. Have. Now. Even better? They’re actually (gasp) affordable! These Emma Cook platform sandals are $190 at Sure, they aren’t Target prices, but they also aren’t $900 Louboutins, either. Splurging a teensy bit on yourself never hurt anyone, did it?
These streets have too many names for me...
These streets have too many names for me... - by *pebbles* on

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Stephanie said...

You must get those. Your story is hilarious! Thanks for making me smile.

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