Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lo Bosworth hearts cheap bags

Guess it doesn't matter what you make these days, my pretties, as everyone is jumping on the fashion-for-less bandwagon. Case in point: Lo Bosworth, LC's best friend from Laguna Beach and The Hills (vapid, guilty pleasures of mine), was spotted last week at LAX near a luggage carousel rocking the very Hayden-Harnett for Target bag I (ahem) blogged about in back in December.

(Source: be completely honest, Lo is my least favorite character on the show, and one of my least favorite "celebrities" in general. Perhaps it's her catty passive aggressiveness, and the fact that she acts more innocent than she is. But I digress. C-lister Lo may not be a good barometer of what everyone (especially everyone in Hollywood) is spending on clothes and accessories these days, but it's humbling to see at least one member of "The Hills" cast who publicly wears something us "poor" folk can afford. Hey, at $10,000 per episode, you know Lo hasn't backed herself into a corner at all over how much she can plunk down for a handbag of her choosing. Oh Target, you cross so many class lines! Now if only someone could snap a pic of LC trolling the sale racks at Forever 21 ...

If you want this gem of a Hayden-Harnett for Target bag from last season, all the Hayden bags and accessories are still on clearance at Target, no telling when they will sell out. Lo's canvas flight tote has now been marked down to $34.99 from $49.99.

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