Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm in love with feathers

I really, really, really want this hat/dollop of loveliness for any cute coif. I'm not a big hat wearer, and though I own a few headbands, I never wear them for some inexplicable reason. A hat is such a statement, and this one is a statement I definitely want to make. It reminds me of one of those fancy, ridiculously priced little intricate French pastries, on display in chic bakery windows in Paris. Well, for lack of a better way to say this, I want a French pastry on my head. Now.

It's not eccentric, it's fashion!

A lovely accoutrement
A lovely accoutrement - by BrunetteOnABudget on


Revanche said...

Oh! My girlfriend has a friend who made her a feather cappy headband. It was GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I love it.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I've seen something similar to these on etsy and they are gorgeous.

FB @ said...

They're called "fascinators", if you want to search on Etsy.

I want to wear one to the wedding in June but I need a dress first before I take the plunge and buy one :)


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