Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free zebra tote

Happy Sunday, my darlings! I hope you're having a divine weekend. I just want to share a fabulous offer that I came across this morning and believe is worth passing along.

Have you ever heard of ViX? I hadn't till now, but apparently they're an expensive swimwear company that I'd normally never order from (my budget allots for $20 bikinis at Target...and that's about it). ViX bikinis run around $150 (yes, $150 for less than a half a yard of fabric) and are featured in magazines like Vogue, making them highly coveted yet inaccessible to those of us on a budget. But there's good news, especially for us animal-print lovers.

ViX is giving away free complimentary zebra-print totes just for signing up to be a member of their site. When I saw the tote, I fell in love -- it would be such nice arm candy for this summer, lazing on some beach in the south of France on a towel next to me, my toes grazing the warm Mediterranean waters. (Ok, I may just pretend I'm doing that as I'm choking on the shores of the Potomac in 85% DC Summer humidity.)

Nevertheless, here's the link. Not sure how many they have in stock, but it seems this deal just debuted:


Saving Cents in the City: said...

Thanks! I tried; I hope it comes! :)

Anonymous said...

did you ever get it? i want one too and i'm waiting!!! plz let me know. how big is yet? thanks

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