Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashionable Fridays: Spring is in the air

Finally! This has been a long, hard winter, people, with many a split end, chapped lip and disgusting, pale-as-a-vampire complexion. Now that the sun is out, I'll be dusting off all my warm-weather dresses (almost half of my closet), giving myself that facial I've been coveting, getting a pedi and basking in something other than spray-on tanner...which I use sparingly, at best. Don't judge.

flowers - by Maja Konestabo on

Spring time in Paris
Spring time in Paris - by BellaMarie on

Untitled - by babydoll<3 on

Untitled - by sugarsugar on

Summer wishes....
Summer wishes.... - by Faithfashion! on

for *Sanja*
for *Sanja* - by graziana on

iloveyou.... - by ★♥Chelsea♥Paige♥★ on

Annie by safetysuit
Annie by safetysuit - by AshleyCullen on

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Simplelivin' said...

Ahh warm weather! I can't wait!!! At least you use self tanner...I'm bad and hit up the tanning bed.

Stephanie said...

These are lovely. I need to explore polyvore! I'm so happy spring is here. I'm going to do some container gardening this weekend.

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