Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashionable Fridays: Mellow Yellow

I'm going to throw a cliche in here and tell you that pink is my favorite color. I know, barf, pink is everyone's favorite color. Whatever. A close second in my "favorite colors" palette is yellow. Oh, yellow, you saucy minx. How you tease me with your vibrant, warm hue and get me thinking of impossibly exotic locations, submarines sung of by a certain four-part British band, and the California sunsets I know and love.

I know not everyone can wear yellow, especially those of us pale folk, but luckily I tan easily (thank you, half-Persian ancestry) and am most looking forward to the warmer weather so I can once again prance around in lighter colors. Y tu?

Untitled - by barbie™ on

1000 Places To See Before You Die : Rome :)
1000 Places To See Before You Die : Rome :) - by Minni on

learn to walk away
learn to walk away - by ♥MOOSEGiRL♥ on

Perfect Day
Perfect Day - by Monypussy (new HAT CONTEST) on

Untitled - by sugarsugar on

Escape to the Sun
Escape to the Sun - by DallasTX on

RACHEL BILSON - by nadiya is a trendsetter ♥ on

Rest Day, But i'm Still Workin'
Rest Day, But i'm Still Workin' - by ♥~PrettyBaby~♥ on

here comes the sun ..
here comes the sun .. - by popbarb on

Spring getaway
Spring getaway - by FabFashion on

Pastels - Spring/Summer 2009
Pastels - Spring/Summer 2009 - by joostyna on

Here comes the sun, my pretties!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for visiting! I just read your profile and I'm cracking up at your cat's name "moneypenny". My husband is obsessed with James Bond movies and they are on at our house all the time. He is going to wish he thought of that one first!

I agree, yellow is beautiful. I made the mistake of wearing a marigold color shirt yesterday and I'm just way too pasty after the winter. I caught a glimpse in the mirror and was shocked at how bad it looked on my skin tone. I need a tan!

Anonymous said...


yeah, I know, what an insightful comment... but seriously. Very pretty creations

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