Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fashion on a Budget: Alexander McQueen for Target

The British are coming, the British are coming! And in this case, it's a fabulous thing. Alexander McQueen's Target line is almost upon us, with an official release date of March 1!

We can now add this to our "Why recessions rock" list we've been mentally keeping track of. As I've written before, every girl should have a little McQueen in her closet, and with the economy in the tank and people being laid off in droves, owning a piece of the pie is now an (albeit bittersweet) option. Ironic how things work out. Anyway, if you're new to the game, Brit fashion designer McQueen is known for his impeccable tailoring, eye for detail and out-there designs, which often seem influenced by the punk persuasion. Although McQueen has his own, high-end label, he also designs for Gucci and can now cross off "design Target line" from his to-do list.

I think that this is Target's best designer line by far, and am impressed with most of the outfits, especially the first two dresses I've posted below (although leggings and booties are definitely not my thing, I'd trade for bare leg and peep toe pumps). Interestingly, Target has opted not to include the McQueen collection in their traditional GO! International category, but rather has dubbed the new line part of its "Designer collaborations" unit. Is the GO! series not worthy enough? Does this mean we may see more higher-end designers now feature diffusion lines through Target? I'm crossing my fingers for Cavalli.

Behold some of the new McQueen looks:

These are only nine of the 18 looks that were released this week; to see the rest, visit Nylon Magazine's slideshow. Although no pricing info is out yet, rest assured that all looks will be priced under $100, probably around $50 for the dresses (this is Target, after all).

What do you think?


Budget Mama said...

Definitely like these and that first dress is cute!

Revanche said...

Diggin' the dresses, but I've never ever managed to hit a Target with the special collections before. Maybe this time?

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