Thursday, December 18, 2008

This just in: New credit card rules adopted

Legislators this morning adopted sweeping new rules for the credit card industry that will shield consumers from increases in interest rates on existing account balances (among other changes). Translation: sweet.

Although the rules don't go into effect asap (look for a July 2010 launch date), they will allow credit card companies to raise interest rates only on new credit cards and future purchases or advances, rather than on current balances. So that Michael Kors tote you charged last month? It's in the bag.

The changes mark the most sweeping clampdown on the credit card industry in decades and are aimed at protecting consumers from arbitrary hikes in interest rates or inadequate time provided to pay the bills.

For more on all things credit cards, read "My Credit Card, My Self."

[Associated Press]


Anonymous said...

It's a step in the right direction, but c'mon - 2010? This is how I see it going down...CC companies will jack up everyone's rates in the interim while they work on a loophole, like making all lowered interest rates temporary through a lot of legalese in their fine print.

Crystal said...

I know, I agree that this 2010 business is lame. I can see CC companies trying to pull something in 2009 ahead of the deal.

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