Sunday, November 16, 2008

You may already have that insurance...

Before you commit to that insurance coverage (from car to health, and everything in between), make sure you're not already covered! Many organizations like credit card companies and even AAA offer automatic insurance on certain things just by being a member. Sneaky, sneaky. You may have insurance without even realizing it. Save and don't overpay by figuring out what you might already have:
  • Your homeowner’s policy may cover lost luggage, as well as items stolen from your car and other locations, such as your purse. It also may cover items you have borrowed, property damaged by vandalism, or property damaged in a move.

  • Your credit card may provide accidental death insurance for you if your airline tickets were purchased with the card.

  • Some credit cards offer $1,000 in life insurance for cardholders, free for the asking.

  • AAA insures its members for hospital and death benefits if they are in an auto accident.

  • Your auto policy includes medical coverage, so if you are in an auto accident, your costs may be fully covered regardless of the co-pay and deductible provisions of your health insurance policy.

  • Your health insurance may cover children who are away at college—check before you buy separate insurance for your college-age kids.

  • Clubs, fraternal organizations, credit unions, and other groups may have free life insurance benefits with their memberships.

  • Your auto policy or credit card may cover damage to rental cars, saving you money on expensive rental car insurance. [from It's More Than Money - It's Your Life!]

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Budget Mama said...

I have AAA and didn't even realize that they may cover other things. Good to know! Thanks for the post.

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