Monday, November 24, 2008

Get a headstart on Black Friday deals

I meant to post this weekend but my grandfather ended up in the hospital and isn't doing well so I didn't feel much like writing. (Not surprising.)

I did want to share some Black Friday news though, for all you who plan to brave the stampede of shoppers (or lack thereof, this year?) when the flood gates open. Because of the state of the economy and the retail sector hurting in the current environment -- especially since so many businesses depend on holiday sales to act as a savior when all else fails -- it turns out Black Friday has become Black Week. This (obviously) means there are some great deals to be had all week -- not only on holiday gifts for others, but also for you. Treat yourself -- you know you deserve it, especially after pinching your pennies all year long.

Start your search today instead of waiting for Friday to roll around after you emerge from your turkey-induced tryphtophonic haze Thursday night. and track Black Friday ads for you, so you don't have to loll about in crowded malls and parking lots, trying to deduce the best deal on that cashmere sweater or cinnamon-scented candle set. Mmmm, cinnamon. There are many other ad tracking sites, but these two are my favorite.

Also, take advantage of fabulous sales all week by checking in daily with the respective websites of your favorite stores., for example, has started a Fri-Daily blog touting a new Black "Friday" deal every day this week. A half-price Abba box set? Music to this chiquitita's ears and wallet.

Head on over to and you'll get a detailed update on holiday deals as they roll out ahead of Thanksgiving. Case in point: Macy's is having a sale of up to 50% off (with an extra 20% off using your Macy's card) on clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. but this deal only lasts Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

For this who like to satiate their retail appetite with a more designer twist, check out, where you can snag a $1,475 black Alberta Ferreti dress for $890, or a $415 Vivienne Westwood blouse for $125. (Not everything on the site is designer, but deals still abound.)

I know many of you like to wait until after Christmas/New Year's for the best prices on everything from coats to clearance Christmas cards to use in '09. Just consider Black "Week" more ammunition to use in your frugal arsenal.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Hope he is okay.

Revanche said...

I'm sorry your grandfather's not feeling well, I hope he gets better soon.

Crystal said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Emilita said...

Sorry about your grandfather. I too hope he gets better soon.

Nice tips about Black Friday bargain hunting. Hard to believe it's coming up so soon! I don't know if I'll be shopping, since I'm going to visit my family and not taking my car with me...makes hitting stores harder. :)

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