Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fashion on a Budget: Target edition

On nights when I have nothing to do, I often end up at Target's online storefront. I know, I'm supposed to be saving because Love and I have all these financial goals we want to meet -- such as t0 move back across the country to California and buy a home (while repaying his uber-expensive student loans off) -- after he graduates law school in about a year and half. But when it comes to fashion I can't help myself. And until I can routinely hand my debit card over to a Nordstrom's associate for something that's either a.) consistently above $200, or b.) not on super sale, I'll always have Target. Oh who am I kidding -- even if I had all the money in the world, I'd still skim the racks at the House of Red, wouldn't you? There's just something so satisfying about leaving the store with bags of goodies.

And their new fashion shipments do not disappoint!:I want, I need the Anya Hindmarch for Target black python handbag above ($44.99). Classy and chic? Check. Modern yet retro? Check. Would Holly GoLightly approve? Che-he-HECK. Oh, and then I would need the Anya Hindmarch for Target black python clutch ($19.99) on the days where I can go "light." I love it when designers throw their chips in with Target, it makes everything luxurious feel so attainable. (Can't wait for the Alexander McQueen line!)

High waisted pencil skirt in black, for only $12.99! I hate how they paired it with the black tights (yuck), but throw on a killer pair of black Angelina Jolie-esque peep-toe pumps and you'll be good to go! If I didn't already own a black high waisted pencil, I'd definitely be on my way out to pick this one up.
Black accordian ruffle dress (above), $29.99. I love the simple, timeless cut, cute puffy sleeves and ruffle detailed around the lapel. My favorite dresses are ones like these, that you can throw on in a moment's notice and still look as put together as someone who spent an afternoon trying to figure out what to wear. (Would pair quite nicely with the aforementioned Anya Hindmarch clutch.)
Wrap dress in Phantom Grape, $29.99. Surprisingly, I don't altogether hate this ensemble the way its paired with flats (I'm a heels girl), although I do think a pointed-toe kitten heel pump, at the very least, would look even better. This reminds me of one of those dresses you'd see Sophia Loren wearing in some early 1960s movie set in Italy. A little Tuscan-countryside-girl-spends-the day-shopping-in-Rome (via Vespa, of course).
Saniya pointed-toe black flats, $16.99. FINALLY, a pair of basic black pointed flats for under $20. I think I'll pick up a pair for this fall/winter. They also have them in a metallic hue.Vira fringe pumps in dark camel, $27.99. These are a knockoff of the L.A.M.B. "Yoyo" heels, which retail for about $400, so at $27.99, these guys are a steal. Like all these finds, I'm going to especially need to see these heels in person, because they look like they may have an air of cheapness to them, but then again it may just be the fringe talking.

While are quite a few hits, there are also some misses:

Seriously, are we really going there now, people? It's like some disgruntled fashion intern in the depths of Vogue concocted a devious plan to throw like acid in Anna Wintour's uptight face. "I know how I'll get this cold, mean-hearted fashion world back," surmises said intern, hidden beneath layers of cubicles. "I'll make spandex silver lamé leggings the new 'it' thing to own! That will teach them!"

Honestly, how could anyone dig these appalling things? (Okay, aside from Lady Gaga and any ex-back up dancers from In Living Color?) And it's not just a Target thing; I've noticed them in many stores these days. News flash: It isn't 1979 anymore, and even if it was, this is not one of its shining moments.


The Frugalist said...

LOL, I have to agree with you on those leggings! Yuck!

paisley penguin said...

Those leggings are a big fashion no no.

Deborah Johnson said...

Those leggings scare me!

Any suggestions on where to find snow boots?

silverdot said...

Leggings = glamour don't. I love the other pics. Gr8 blog. I just moved to DC.

Anonymous said...

The leggings are terrible!! But that purse is to die for!!! Target is crack! I can spend hours in there. My target card has been repo'd by hubby.

Crystal said...

Glad to see we're all on the same page about those leggings! If not, we'd have to have a little chat. :P

Deborah: Not sure what kind of snowboots you're looking for, since there are a variety of styles. I do like the black Burberry wellies that are always on display at this time of year. I think they are only $150, so not bad. But let me know which kind you're thinking of. I know it's freezing up in your neck of the woods!

Silverdot: I just moved to DC too about a year ago. Do you like it? I don't, really. :P

Jai: Target IS crack. I can't ever leave without spending at least $60.

Unknown said...

Ouch. Those leggings are a def no-no. ;)

You should also check out SaleStash.com. I found some amazing designer pieces on sale! It's a great resource.

Thanks for the awesome post. Keep it up! :)

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