Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheap airfare sale for this winter

If you're still wondering whether you can afford expensive plane tickets to head back and visit family for the holidays, there may be hope for you yet!

Southwest Airlines just announced a special fare sale that will include Winter holiday travel! (Exciting news, considering most airfare sales always block out December and early January as not applicable.) The news gets even better considering the savings you accrue from Southwest being one of the only fee-free airlines to fly in the United States.

The firesale offers one-way tickets for $49 to $109 (Monday through Thursday and Saturday) or $59 to $159 (Friday and Sunday) for all dates between December 2, 2008 through February 11, 2009. One caveat, though: The travel deal isn't available from Orange County, CA or Washington DC (Dulles). Bummer.

Act fast though: You have to book your flight by midnight tonight (November 13th), or else your one-way coach will turn into a pumpkin.

For those of you who planned to wing it solo for the holidays, the sale makes that mini-vaca to Aspen for snowboarding thatmuch more attainable. Now you'll only have to worry about what to wear on the slopes!

For more details, visit Southwest.


silverdot said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I thought I was doomed to stay home due to high airfares. :)

Crystal said...

No prob! I know, airfare is always a depressing cost to deal with.

Budget Mama said...

I better tell my mom! She is flying here to Cali from Nevada for Christmas. I managed to get a ticket for $59 each way to see her for Thanksgiving.

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