Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack the vote! Or McCain it, whichever way you swing!

The day has finally come, my lovelies! I won't remind you all to go out and vote today since I know you've already planned to...right!? I'm so excited about this election because I truly feel like a historical event is taking place in my lifetime that I can be a part of. It's a marvelous feeling.

Anyways, what I did want to remind you of after you emerge from the booth adorned with your tres chic "I voted" sticker (they are so in), is to remember all the free offers being handed out on Nov. 4th:

• Coffee. Starbucks expects to hand out "hundreds of thousands" of free 12-ounce drip coffees (valued at about $1.75 each), says spokeswoman Jenny McCabe.

• Doughnuts. Some 85 of Krispy Kreme's 231 locations in the United States will hand out about 200,000 star-shaped, red-white-and-blue sprinkled doughnuts valued at 99 cents each. Being patriotic never tasted so good.

• Ice cream. Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. in each time zone, Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops will hand out single-scoop ice cream cones (a $3.40 value). "What better way to encourage people to be politically active than to give away free ice cream?" asks spokeswoman Liz Brenna. The woman has a point.

• Sandwiches. Several hundred of the nation's 1,400 Chick-fil-A stores will hand out $2.70 chicken sandwiches to adults who show proof that they voted. This is where that trendy "I voted" sticker comes in handy.

• Discount haircuts. Then, there's Cristophe Schatteman, a top hair stylist known for giving former president Bill Clinton a $200 haircut on Air Force One. His salons in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Orange County, Calif., will offer all services — including haircuts — at half price today. A $500 haircut from Cristophe will go for $250. Deal or no deal? You decide. [USA Today]

Who will you be voting for today??


Anonymous said...

awww yeahhh, that's what i'm talking about! nothing says voting like free coffee and donuts ;)

unfortunately i can't vote until after work, in which i'll be hella tired, and hella not ready to go driving around town to pick up these freebies. oh well, hopefully everyone else can! oh, and i'm voting for Mr. O.

Crystal said...

Got my free Starbucks today! Coffee tastes even better when it's free. :)

kokostiletto said...

that is an awesome picture!!!!
discount haircuts? that is awesome!

Emilita said...

I passed by a Starbucks but wasn't in a coffee mood. But yum yum, if there had been a chik-fil-a near me...hehe.

I voted by absentee anyway, so I really didn't get the full experience. I'm glad to see these promotions and that so many people were excited about the election process this year.

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