Friday, October 17, 2008

Fashion on a Budget: Ribbon necklaces

Nothing says classy and fabulous quite like a bow, no? I own a couple pairs of heels with bows on the toes, I like putting bows in my poodle Lola's hair (although she might not like it that much). To me, a bow is the perfect punctuation on a myriad of outfits -- the metaphorical cherry on your ice cream sundae of a wardrobe.

If a bow is the perfect punctuation, then a ribbon necklace is the parentheses to my retail-laden life, which I was reminded of the other day while reading an article online. A Barney's New York ad caught my eye to the right of the page, with an HD picture of Lanvin's ribbon necklace beckoning me forth click on it and view more. I know, what the heck was this brunette on a budget thinking even looking at a Barney's New York ad, much less clicking on one, but it was luring me in, I swear! My gaze kept straying from the article I was reading, rubbernecking on the Lanvin necklace ad to the right like a driver holding up traffic by slowing down past an accident scene. But this was Lanvin, I reasoned and it was a ribbon necklace to boot. They are so in they'll never be out. I clicked on it.
The supple satin bow looked delicious enough to eat! But right away I let out a frustrated sigh. $860?! Why was I even surprised? It's a classic Lanvin pearl and ribbon necklace, after all. (For those of you up-and-coming fashionistas, Lanvin is a French power house that's been around for about a hundred years, offering "featherweight sophistication for the modern bourgeoisie.") Someday, I muttered to myself, someday...

But for now my fashion survival instincts kicked into high gear and I did what I know how to do best -- looked for the best knock offs! Here's what I found:

This ribbon wrapped faux pearl necklace (above) is only $16.99 at Target, and is the closest I could find to the Lanvin original. Loves it -- I must go buy one this weekend!

(On the left): Glass-pearl necklace with organza ribbon, A.V. Max, $98; or 212-216-0600. (On the right): Jet rhinestone ribbon necklace, White House Black Market, $58.
(Above): Ribbon necklace with red iridescent beads, Target, $11.99.
(On the left): Pearl necklace with satin ribbon, Express, $24.50. (On the right): Faceted stone crescent ribbon necklace, Express, $29.50. (Pssst: Right now Express is having a "Buy 1, get 1 50% off sale!" Even more reason to buy both!) The pictures here don't do these necklaces justice.

(Above): Silver tone glossy black ribbon necklace,, $10.



Anonymous said...

Those necklaces are so cute! I have to wonder though, if you wanted to get more frugal, just make your own. Get some black, white or pink ribbon and some faux pearls and maybe clasps from a craft store, voila! You have a B-O-A-B original. Good luck with your obsession.

Budget Mama said...

Some of those are really cute. I use to make jewelery in my spare time, but seems like I don't have much of that lately.

Lucy said...

I'm not usually a big fan of that style of necklace, but that Lanvin is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I think they look like you could almost make them yourself! With some ribbon and access to a good quality bead store, anyway. So cute though!

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