Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fashion on a Budget: The trench coat edition

"If the little black dress had an outerwear equivalent, it would be the trench coat," says RealSimple Magazine, "It's chic, functional and universally flattering."

I couldn't have said it better myself! What better way to follow up my last fashion on a budget post, than with the LBD equivalent in style and poise: the perfectly fitting trench coat. I confess, I'm a trench coat-aholic (I have 5!), and believe they are a distinct staple that can jazz up even the blandest of wardrobes. The trick is finding a trench coat that 1.) fits well and 2.) is made from fabric you can deal with (i.e., you don't want to sweat inside your coat on a rainy day because the cheap fabric doesn't allow your skin to breathe). For us gals on a budget, the hardest part of finding a good, cheap trench coat is that usually the more expensive coats are, well, more expensive because they have more impeccable tailoring and use higher quality fabrics than their cheaper counterparts. Unfortunately, though, we can't all buy Burberry (but, boy would it be nice if we could!). To compensate, it takes a lot of digging to find lower-priced alternatives, but I think I've found a couple fabulous yet cheap options!

Adorable, huh? This trench (pictured at left) just debuted at Target from the "Richard Chai for Target" line. I think it's so cute just as pictured, but it would also look great with slacks and/or dark, sleek-fitting jeans and pumps. The jacket (which retails for $44.99) is fully lined, double-breasted and comes equipped with a purple/ebony hue, so it's perfect for Fall (with purple being the it color next season). Fifty bucks is a divine deal for a chic trench, but if it's still too pricey, you could wait till it goes on clearance, as most clothes do at Target, and pray they still have your size once the price drops. To really make your outfit pop, pair it with a pair of these pumps pictured below, also at Target and on clearance for $11.49!!! Snag them soon, though, because sizes may be dwindling. Together, that's an entire outfit for $56.48. Okay, maybe not an entire outfit, but no one needs to know if and what you're wearing under said trench coat.

If patterns don't quite float your boat, you could go with a standard black trench -- very hip, very chic, very Angelina Jolie. I found a black London Fog trench (below) with removable wool liner for $89.99 (originally $200) at This is pricier, but I think the cut is superb. Again, pair this with a pair of pointy heels in black to finish off the polished look and feel like a Bond girl.

Does something still seem like it's missing? It is if you noticed the dearth of khaki trench coats within this post. I have yet to find an amazing deal on a fabulous khaki trench, although I did recently buy a marvelous Michael Kors one at Nordstrom Rack for over $100, which may be too pricey for you savvy savers. For the winter months, I also bought a sophisticated wool Kenneth Cole trench for about $170 last year. Kind of pricey, but I LOVE it! Have any of you found cheap yet adorable trench coats, especially of the khaki variety?


Anonymous said...

The Target trench coat was cute but I'm *loving* the Burlington Coat Factory one. It's sleek and smart. Now if only I could rationalize $90 (plus tax)... Those pumps are too cute, from Target.

Damn you and your fashionable sense!

Budget Mama said...

Me too Abby! I'm loving that burlington coat factory one-it is so cute! I just got my paycheck for 2 days of minimal hours and I have more than enough to go buy it, but I'll be good.

Crystal said...

Hahaha, you two crack me up! I know, the Burlington Coat Factory one is so adorable! I mean, it's expensive for us, but then again, it *is* London Fog, so we know it's well made and somewhat quality. Now if only I could find a trench like that with the price tag of the Target one...

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