Monday, June 9, 2008

How it pays to save

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to sales. Retail sales, to be exact. More than I love shopping, I love a great bargain. Finding one is like unearthing black gold in our current economy, but it can be frustrating for many -- sifting through endless merchandise is a daunting task, but this Brunette on a Budget is always up for a challenge, especially when faced with the spectacle of one Saturday afternoon. After lazing by the pool Saturday morning with Love and Sophia in 98-degree weather, we braved the oppressive humidity to make a day of it at a mall some 20 miles south (The Nordstrom Rack (NR) was what initially drew me to the site).

Behold the power of how a fabulous sale will help get you by in today's recessionary environment:
  • BCBG Sweater - Originally $160 at Nordstrom, bought at NR for $30.
  • Khaki slacks - Originally $88 at Nordstroms, bought at NR for $25.
  • White circle statement necklace - Originally $14 at Nordies, bought for $4 at NR (Ok, not huge savings, but it was a great deal for an impulse buy).
  • Michael Kors khaki trenchcoat - Originally $160 at Nordies, bought at NR for $80!!!!! (It's not a Burberry, but it will have to do for the next few years. It fit like it was made for me).
  • Khaki slacks - Originally $88 at Nordies, bought at NR for $25.
  • Calvin Klein necktie - Originally $88 at Nordies, bought at NR for $24. (For Love.)
  • Ben Sherman dress shirt - Originally $85, bought at NR for $17.
  • White cropped pants - Originally $44 at Banana Republic, bought at the Banana Republic factory store for $23.
That's $499 in total savings!

That 500 bucks I would have otherwise spent on full-priced (or near full-priced) clothing at Nordstroms, I can now save to use later on various other "stuff," such as a handful of nice dinners out, two airplane tickets to California, or a couple iPhones for us to use. Or, I can take my "winnings" and pad my savings account with it. All the flexiblity with extra money I free up reminds me of why I love saving in the first place. It's a game -- play it!

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