Monday, June 16, 2008

Guess who just got a free iTouch!?

Me! Woot!! Unfortunately, I had to spend $1,200 on a new computer to get it, but it's a free iTouch nonetheless (retail value: $300). I'm not the type to fritter my money away on snazzy electronics, but my 2004 iBook laptop was on its last legs, so Love and I decided we would use our stimulus check (thanks, George!) of $1,200 on a new MacBook for moi. The iTouch just happened to be included in the deal, which is excellent because now I can check how my stocks are doing in the market during the times when I'm not at my computer. On top of the free iTouch, we also got $100 off because Love is a student and, well, I guess Apple wants to reward its buyers for learnin' the 3 Rs! ;) My new laptop is equally fabulous; I can now load webpages in less than five minutes and open multiple applications without my comp freezing. I feel like a whole new woman!

Moral of the story: Now is a GREAT time to invest in a new Mac (if you need one). Not only do you get $100 off for being a student (if you are one), but you also get your very own iTouch, which you can use to further your budget in a myriad of ways (i.e., following the stock market, reading up financial advice, finding the best deals in town, etc.)!*

*(Checking Facebook 12 hours a day on your new iTouch will not, sadly, make you any money).

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